Maps of Holocene alluvium in central Arizona

Our obsession with maps has resulted in so many posts that we now have a category to keep track of them. This development was caused by the July 2 announcement of Arizona Geological Survey of five new digital maps of Holocene deposits along the Verde River in central Arizona. The 51-page report that accompanies these maps by Joseph P. Cook and others describes the mapping method, details other mapping projects along the floodplain of the Verde River (by Arizona and US Geological Surveys), and lists archeological surface sites (as temporal indicators). The report itself is profusely illustrated with maps and photographs.

The five maps (actually five files with two maps each) are large *.pdf files (over 25 MB each), but can be previewed in smaler (100 KB) *.jpg files. The files and the previews are listed on the AZGS on-line publications page. Search for the Deigital Maps section by the preface “DM-RM-2.”

The maps and detailed report are enough to make you want to visit Arizona, which, unfortunately is not an option for anyone protesting the anti-civil libertarian (and anti-good government) policies of this dysfunctional state. The question is raised how a competent scientific department manages to exist in the midst of the chaos of anti-intellectual, right-wing, yahoo-ism. Perhaps the governor and legislature simply don’t know that the department exists. Perhaps they don’t understand what they are doing. I suspect that as the state continues down the path of eliminating government eventually the AZGS will be a victim. The right-wing, which is really the party of hierarchical belief, has no need for science. It will be interesting to see the path this state takes and the consequences. Likely in 100 years another Geological Survey will be able to list the eitchen midden sites that resulted from the  political experiment where football stadiums can be financed by the state at the same time public schools and all other services are slashed.

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