NJ tea party’s travelling carbon show

Yesterday a bus load of people from New Jersey arrived in Manhattan, but not to buy matinée tickets for “The Lion King.” They were political activists of the Tea Party stripe and were here to protest environmental policy. Specifically they were taking aim at the Northeast Cap-and-Trade system.

On WNYC this morning one could hear the angry “No Cap and Trade!”–the unison chant drowning out the Jersey accent. You could also hear an interview of a woman (whose name I did not write down and a link to which is not yet available) explain that the entire cap-and-trade system was designed by bankers, specifically Goldman Sachs, to enrich themselves at our expense. I wonder how these right-wingers missed the Rothschild connection, but perhaps Goldman is now universally recognized as the right-wing symbol of Jewish banking conspiracy.

The New Jersey Tea Party discusses atmosphere research and public policy

There is a report by WNYC online about the rally, but it doesn’t fully capture the vitality of these political thinkers. A male teabagger explained how “we all know” that “there were ice ages” showing how subtle the minds of these “angry” New Jersians are and how closely they study the atmospheric science. The evident purpose of the protest in front of the building where the utilities of 10 Northeastern states auction emission rights was to persuade New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to pull New Jersey out of the carbon cap-and-trade system. The teabaggers were probably torn between whether to have the rally in New York where the media is and New Jersey where Governor Christie is. But ultimately when you have free buses to Manhattan from the oil industry (see Jane Myers’ intriguing New Yorker analysis of the Koch brothers’ funding of the tea parties), and remember Wednesday afternoon is when discount tickets are available for “The Lion King,” it seems to be a no-brainer. And when something’s a no-brainer, there you will find a tea party.

And since they seem to be blissfully unaware of the Koch money behind them, they probably don’t worry about whether or not David H. Koch is Jewish. Yet.

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