Non-combat raid by US soldiers

Two weeks after the President gave his address concerning the end to the American combat role in Iraq, American and Iraqi combat forces attacked an insurgent stronghold in Fallujah killing at least six.

Since 50,000 US combat troops remain in Iraq and since they are permitted to engage in combat, I am wondering what exactly the end of combat operations means. And what happens if a major attack is launched on an American base? Does “self-defense” mean that the troops will be allowed to track down the forces that launched the attack? Will more troops be available for such an operation?

In exactly what respect is the policy of this Administration with respect to Iraq different from the last one?

One last question: Why don’t Democrats learn that their domestic agendas generally end up in the trash can when they are tempted by foreign military adventures? The Republicans know that fact. That’s much of the reason why they engage in them.

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