Don’t view this while eating!

I had hoped to do a quick meet-and-greet with the new faces of the new Republican Party: those self-financed candidates who had single-handedly obtained vast sums of money beyond their talents (except the talent for taking money). These Republicans have decided to “give back” to the community. And because all charity begins at home their version of giving back is to take more, by trying to buy positions from which they will work for tax cuts for the extremely wealthy, service cuts for the extremely needy and in all other matters taking their direction from the “thinkers” of the right wing. We have already met the eminently sleezy soft-core porn queen Linda McMahon, who cut 10% of her work force while Bush was president. She is running on the platform of a proven jobs creator. We’ve seen Carly Fiorina, who once believed in climate science (remember when even John McCain did?) but now at the behest of the hard right has evinced the “courage” to question the pointy heads. We were going to look at the hypocrisy and narrow self-interest of Meg Whitman and Carl Paladino, two others who believed that a life spent gathering all the loot you can is a life worth living. But frankly Meg has decided to demonstrate her own hypocrisy and Carl–well, Carl is just bat-guano crazy. As for the rest of the two-bit sanctimonious Dick Cheney wanna-bes, it’s just too dreary to look into their pretences.

But before I call it day for politics this season, I want to share with you something that shows how rejuvenated the right wing of this country feels. (It also shows how inept the Democrats and David Axelrod and crew are to allow this to happen. Good thing all those leftists like Howard Dean were dumped, eh?) Here it is. But be warned, it’s stomach-curning. Yes, it’s Dick Morris crawling out from under the rock he normally inhabits to advise you my friend to send money to Dan Debicella, who is running against a formerly liberal Democrat, Jim Himes. Himes has taken a hit or two here,, but he has received raves from Fox News for his new position on the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy like him and Linda McMahon. (We’ll see how long it is before the unthinking bot of the unthinking hedge fund manager Chris Demuth comments on this. The program is evidently poised for all mentions of Jim Himes and undervalued securities. It’s an OpportuniBot.)

Those of you who do not remember the squalid prostitution scandal Dick Morris found himself in a while back have some interesting googling ahead of you. I found it heart-warming how he and his wife reconciled and then wrote a book together. There is nothing like reactionary politics to smooth over a troubled marriage. But surely you have seen this man utter the most ridiculous nonsense on Fox News. He is routinely brought in because Fox believes that side-show freaks are “fair and balanced.”™ I wonder if what you are about to see was vetted by Fox News. It would be tpo cruel for a man who engaged prostitutes and then prostituted for Fox to pay for it to get fired because he missed the memo that Himes was the new IT Democrat of Rupert Murdoch.

When you watch this video, see how it comes straight from his black heart, where nothing but self-interest is ever to be found. (I always thought the reconciliation was because a divorce would be too expensive. Romance without finance is a nuisance as Tiny Grimes rightly noted a half century ago.) Also note that he is directly talking to you, devoted reader. Yes, you who make more than $250,000 a year who will unfairly have your taxes raised to the level they were before a more enlightened time: when George W. Bush decided the government needed less revenue in order to prosecute two wars and provide a bonanza to drug companies. The fact that his Administration witnessed a near collapse of capitalism requiring a $700 billion bailout of the wealthiest bankers in the world and lost the respect of the American people has made people like Dick Morris mad. Mad enough to urge you the viewer to try to bring us back to those halcyon days.

But you be the judge. See if you agree or if you skin crawls. I bet Dan Debicella is proud to have this barrel of morality and wisdom in his corner. After all Dan Debicella has no principles either. But enough for politics.

  1. June 22nd, 2012

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