That’s Entertainment

If you want to see the nature of the right-wing of this country, how it has married the worship of accumulations of vast amounts of money, however obtained, with a virulent hatred of the helpless, the victims and little guy, you can do no better than taking a look at one of their prize “new faces”–entrepreneur Linda McMahon. McMahon, as you know, is running for the Senate from Connecticut under the slogan “A businesswoman, not a politician, for Connecticut. It’s Time for Something Different.” To understand how “different” the Party of Lincoln has become, consider that at their convention the party representatives nominated Linda McMahon over Rob Simmons, a former Republican congressman and Vietnam war vet. And the Republican voters of the state confirmed that choice by selecting her against the honorable, if somewhat conservative, Simmons.

Her whole argument during the primary campaign and now the election campaign has been that she deserves the position because of how she ran World Wrestling Entertainment. It is therefore instructive to see how she did it. The following video also shows what the modern GOP will accept in its worship of money and to elect politicians who want to drastically reduce the taxes of the wealthy. Just a warning first: this is not workplace friendly; it is disturbing to watch, but even more disturbing to contemplate in what gutter the modern Republican Party now wallows:

Is there a better metaphor for how the right-wing has whipped up the lowest of passions into a mob action designed to step on the throats of the defenseless for the entrenchment of the ruthlessly wealthy, the viciously autocratic and the utterly amoral?


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