12 steps to a new post

Blogging is a lot like being a recovering alcoholic. It doesn’t have a natural feel to it. In order to do it, you have to force yourself every day. When you stop, even for a little bit, it’s like falling off the wagon.

This observation is just to note that yes, I do know there are many unfinished series here and that I have filled much space with some observations about distasteful people whose contribution to Western civilization, if any, will not be for the good. This I suppose is just like the alcoholic sneaking drinks on the side, although the metaphor has probably gone well beyond its useful life (if it ever had any).

So let me offer as an apology the obligation I had to prepare and give some talks that required much preparation including the obligatory (and odious) making of many, many, many PowerPoint™ slides (as well as the remarks that few listen to). This task is shortly coming to an end and faithful readers can again expect to see remarks directed to more savory subjects like science, literature and history and even the completion of many of the open series (for those who still remember the little stories about Luther, P.T Barnum and Adam Smith). And with any luck, we’ll get back into the regular routine of Poems of the Week, perhaps even with a little piece by T.S. Eliot, the copyright to which will expire in a couple of weeks. (Not that copyrights seem to matter on the internet unless it’s to a work of music or video created for the most vulgar of lowbrow tastes.)

In the meantime, for those interested in the mind numbing effects of a PowerPoint™ lecture l highly recommend watching (at least part of) this half-hour presentation by Fizerpharm.

  1. October 18th, 2010

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