The Anthropocene Event (Part III)

I don’t have the time today to continue this thought, but I felt it important to make a small point on the day that the House will be handed back to the party who denies science, who believes unregulated private enterprise can solve anything, and that individual wealth (their own) is the only statistic with any meaning. I won’t even do much explaining, because the numbers speak for themselves. (A piece of advice for Republican “leaders”: Put a dollar sign in front of these number and you will have less trouble understaning). The first chart is from Wikipedia. It correlates glacial and interglacial periods with atmospheric CO2 concentrations. The second is a chart from showing the increase in atmospheric CO2 concentrations over the course of my lifetime. When the Republican set the agenda for the House, mark my words, the number one priority will be to preserve the Bush Tax Cuts for the wealthy. Because to their sponsors, life is short, party now!

To continue this meandering jeremiad, follow this link.

  1. November 4th, 2010

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