The Coming Republican Show

Well I was wrong that the number one GOP priority would be to save the Bush tax breaks for the incredibly rich (the people who paid for their misleading and in many cases lunatic ads). Or maybe they think that is so much in the bag that they could move on to their second priority.

And that of course is to repeal the modest Health Care reform that the Democrats spent an entire agonizing year worrying if they were being too mean to insurance companies which had treated the American people so nicely. The new law, after all, only allows insurance companies to take between 15 and 20 cents of every dollar spent on health “care.”

The Democrats’ Health Reform, of course, didn’t turn out like they promised, or indeed what the American people wanted. It turned out to be the spitting image of the Republicans’ “alternative” back in the early 1990s to the Clinton Health Reform proposal. So why, you might ask, are the Republicans so dead set on repealing legislation that they were begging the Democrats to enact less than 20 years ago? Well, three reasons:

1. The Republicans are all about “freedom” these days. And unlike things that were written in the constitution, particularly personal rights and liberties, which must never go beyond what the least progressive the contemporaries of the authors thought they meant, “freedom” is an ever growing concept. Try as they might, such conservaties as Bob Dole back in those ancient days could not understand the now new concept of freedom, which includes such things as a person’s right to have their child die because a health provider wants to litigate whether an unknown genetic disorder was actually a “pre-existing condition.”

2. Republicans just hate everything that Democrats do. It’s why they are constantly fuming about minimum wage, unions, social security. They will tell you now that they are all in favor of all those things. Unless you remind them that they were made possible mostly by Democrats or the kind of Republicans they long ago chased out of their party. Then they tell you what they really think. They can’t help it. And it makes them even madder when Democrats do what Republicans “earnestly” suggested they do. Look at how they treated Bill Clinton. Who after all did pretty much what they told him to. Hell, he even hired Dick Morris.

3. The New Republicans are just plain crazy.  Just as an example: The Republican who was running for the office of Attorney General of Connecticut (yes, Connecticut, not Alabama) proposed that all school children in that state be required to learn how to use firearms. After all, children should be instructed in how to use their constitutional rights, the argument went. Unless of course the rights in question involved free speech, free exercise of religion, freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures, the right to due process and the right to equal protection of the law. The latter rights, unlike the use of firearms, require a more mature mind than children have.

So we will soon see how ringmaster John Boehner will run the circus. They had been so used to simply being carnival freak shows that I wonder if they will know how to act under the big tent. We’ll see just as soon as they get out of that car when they arrive in Washington.

  1. May 17th, 2011

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