Online Pravda finally brings Russian journalism in line with ours

Remember when Pravda was the Soviet Communist Party rag that you couldn’t even trust for weather forecasting?

Well, it seems that after the fall of the Soviet Union it has followed the same trajectory as such esteemed journalism enterprises in the West as the London Times, the Sun, the New York Post, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and especially Fox News and the loyal affiliates of the New Corporation and all of US talk radio.

I was encouraged about the development of the free marketplace of ideas in Russia when I saw how it took the press release of University of Texas, Jackson School of Geosciences, announcing the discovery of Inkayacu a  36-million-year-old penguin from Peru and the newly published paper in Science, “Fossil Evidence for Evolution of the Shape and Color of Penguin Feathers” (abstract; pdf behind paywall). The paper not only describes the fossilized skeleton but also the microscopic melanosomes associated with the feathers, which allowed the paleontologists, led by Julia Clarke, to show the color of the feathers of the ancient bird.

And here is where the critical journalism skills of the new Pravda Online come in. They were able to pick out the one internet analysis of this paper which proved that “biomolecules” as complex as melanosomes would, according to Newtonian principles of entropy, have “fallen apart after only hundreds of thousands of years.” Therefore this find in fact shows Young Earth Creationism:

“The most straightforward answer is that the date that has been provided for this fossil and its attendant rock layer is totally wrong, and that they were both formed much more recently. Thousands, not millions, of years fit both these facts of science and Scripture-based earth history.”

Isn’t it comforting to know that we will all–East and West–soon be getting all our news of science from the Institute of Creation Research? The Cold War is Over! Soon we won’t even have to do any “research” since I’m pretty sure that Institute has a book where they find all the answers. Think how much money we can save.

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