We have a new plan!

The New York Times today outlined the new plan to get us out of Afghanistan. I feel so foolish even questioning the Serious Thinkers now. Of course by “get out” I mean cease “combat operations” by 2014 or later and leave a massive military presence to resume “combat operations” at the drop of a hat. Plus we must hire mercenaries to protect our “interests” which probably will involve a large embassy and various private enterprises who hope to make huge profits from natural resources. All of this will be picked up by the tax-payer. And of course any blow-back will be felt by American citizens or their friends and allies.

But those minor qualms aside, here is the heart of the plan. These guys, and more just like them, will take over and bring peace to the region!

Our secret weapon. Rodrigo Abd/Associated Press

It’s a damned clever plan I’ll admit, and as far as I can see, foolproof.

While we may not produce engineers like we used to, our war colleges seem to be turning out 21st Century versions of Cecil Rhodes and Earl Kitchener at a very satisfying rate.

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