The Senate’s Going Out of Business Sale

Seeing the minority party in the Senate defeat reconsideration of the bill to fund the military (in the middle of 2 wars) is just a foretaste of what government is going to be like in the new Congress when there are even more of these single-minded anarchists in that house.

Harry Reid today was explaining all the hoops he had jumped through in his negotiations with Susan Collins (on behalf of the party of Reaction) to get a handful of Republican votes to allow reconsideration of a bill which was recommended by the military. And it wasn’t that the Republicans objected to the size of the budget.  (When have Republicans ever objected to military budgets based on size?) No, they are prepared to defund the military because the bill came up before their tax cuts for the wealthy! Remember when the Democrats wanted to put a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq on a spending bill? Remember the wailing and cries of treason that went up from the ranks of the party of the plutocrats? Well, the only thing they love, unconditionally, more than their warriors is cutting the tax responsibility of the rich–their sponsors.

When Aaron Burr was leaving his position of President of the Senate in 1805, he made the following remarks in his farewell address:

“[H]e challenged their attention to considerations more momentous than any which regarded merely their personal honor and character: the preservation of the Law, of Liberty and the Constitution—this house, said he, is a sanctuary and a citadel of law, of order, of liberty—and it is here—it is here—in this exalted refuge—here, if any where will resistance be made to the storms of popular phrenzy and the silent arts of corruption:—and if the Constitution be destined ever to perish by the sacrilegious hands of the Demagogue or the Usurper, which God avert, its expiring agonies will be witnessed on this floor.”

Aaron Burr had a vastly more exalted view of the Senate than would be possible now that the GOP has sold its soul to Capital. It didn’t even take the silent arts of corruption to seal the deal. The Republican Party is quite happy to openly proclaim its own corruption. And we will, I fear, shortly get to see the Constitution perish by their sacrilegious hands.

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