What can you call them but contemptible?

Expecting even the most common sense legislation out of this Senate is like expecting sharks to act rationally in a pool of blood-filled water. The Republicans are in a feeding frenzy. They smell blood after their compromise with the President, and they can think of nothing except those tax cuts that their filthy rich overlords have commanded them to fetch.

And what is the latest bill trampled by them (actually they won’t allow debate on it–they don’t have the votes to actually defeat it after debate)? The so called 9/11 health care bill for those who toiled in the toxic dust of what the GOP above all calls holy ground zero. This area is such an icon to the party of George W. Bush, who used it to reinvigorate a failing presidency, that they don’t even want a community center to be erected by American Moslems several blocks away. They are so patriotic they don’t want that real estate desecrated by anyone.

So why don’t these great American statesmen who teach us all about patriotism want to provide health care for the responders to that national tragedy? Because, get this, they don’t know where to get the $7.4 billion. That would add to the deficit. End of story! Now back to the $700 billion tax cuts for the wealthy. And be careful not to get in their way; they will bite your arm off.

So the next time (deo absit) there is a national calamity that requires the patriotic-minded to risk their lives to help their fellow citizens, before you volunteer consider carefully whether there 41 or more Republicans in the Senate. If so, you should purchase insurance ahead of time on your own account, because Republicans will not look kindly on your adding to the deficit that might imperil their tax cuts if you (deo absit) start coughing up blood.

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