Are they competing for an award for most disgraceful act?

Once called "pond scum" by a fellow Republican, Senator Bob Corker doesn't have the self-respect to try to prove otherwise (Photo by Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images)

I was in the midst of writing a satirical note on the comment of Senator “Bob” Corker quoted in the New York Times that the Republican Senators might vote against the New Start Treaty, in which the US and Russian promise to cut in half their nuclear missile launchers, if Majority Leader Harry Reid brings forward the House bill to repeal of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, the effect of which, if passed, would allow gays to openly serve in the military. But I stopped. The depths of depravity to which these New Republicans will go is no longer a matter of amusement or ridicule. However you come out on gays in the military or whether the New Start Treaty ought to be ratified, it is simply a matter of gutter politics to hold up a serious treaty because the minority party does not have the votes to filibuster repeal of DADT.

The idea that the Republican Party would sabotage United States’ foreign policy unless their views on sexual orientation are indulged is stunning. And to come from someone as challenged ethically and morally corrupt as Bob Corker only adds to the odor of the maneuver. It is no wonder that the campaign manager of the Republican who defeated him for the seat in 1994, Bill Firth (no violet of purity himself), called Corker “pond scum.”

There used to be a time when politicians at the level of Senator attempted to guard their dignity and at least pretend to act in the public interest as they saw it. No more. Vile, contemptible nouveau riche, usually ruthless businessmen who spent their lives thinking about nothing but their own enrichment, who gathered together large sums of money from golden parachutes or some unsavory endeavor or by manipulating government rules or provisions, use their fortune to “self-finance” a campaign (i.e., buy a seat) and then act in accordance with the lack of principles they demonstrated their entire lives.

New Republicans, like Corker, add bigotry and hypocrisy to their other faults, in order to flame then ride the anger and frustration of their constituents.

Bob Corker is Senator by virtue of ads by the National Republican Party that slyly and falsely intimated that his black Democratic opponent partied with “loose” white women. A man who can enjoy that victory has no shame.

And he has never shown shame since. He is now trying to ride an anti-gay wave he believes exists (or he wants to start) in Tennessee. So he makes himself quotable on the subject of DADT. I won’t even bring up how his own family belies his “family values” masquerade.

These New Republicans have no interest in the national good. And Corker has demonstrated it again by suggesting the GOP’s willingness to hold foreign policy hostage to his grand-standing.

No, ridicule is not the appropriate tool to deal with these self-satisfied, hypocritical, reactionary bigots. It requires a broom and disinfectant.

Update [12/22]: So the Senate voted today, and the Treaty was confirmed (71-26-3). Thirteen Republicans voted affirmative, including Corker (together with all the Democrats). So Corker, a few days ago, was threatening to sabotage a bill that he himself showed by his vote was in the national interest in order to defeat the repeal of DADT. That may be even more despicable conduct than linking two votes you oppose. It’s hard to tell. I cannot fathom the fine points of Republican baseness.

  1. May 24th, 2011
  2. June 11th, 2011

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