Losing the future

Between Scylla and a hard place: the Gingriches together with Twiggy (among others) luxuriated in the Seabourn Odyssey off the lands Homer once trod.

When you are the smartest guy in the Republican Party, “a virtual one-man think tank,” according to the AP, a man used to coming up with “two ideas every minute,” according to America’s mayor, you have to feel pretty confident in your own judgment. So when Gingrich was taking a bit of heat for having a half-million dollar credit line at Tiffany’s, Gingrich was able to reach deep into that well of wisdom he’s accumulated, to come up with just the right strategy. And he decided to take a luxury cruise with his bejeweled wife to the Greek isles.

It’s no wonder that Gingrich was able to raise more than $52 million for American Solutions for Winning the Future, the non-profit from which he greatly profited while  writing 156 reviews of trillers at amazon.com. Not to mention his talent at making a buck from the occasional book purchased in bulk by right-wing organizations and read by no one. His tactical touch is so deft big wig reactionaries are more than willing to part with their increasingly tax free income to fund his Metternich-like scheming. Witness his shutting down the federal government in the 1990s. Or his championing of the impeachment of Clinton. His thumb was on the pulse of America. So what could have gone wrong this time?

Gingrich and third wife discuss foreign policy with another Mau Mau. (At C&M Machine Products in Hudson, N.H. on June 8, 2011. Cheryl Senter/AP.)

Yes, his entire staff abandoned him as well as his operatives in Iowa. But that will not keep down an ideas man like Gingrich. Says USA Today: “Gingrich vowed in a Facebook post to continue ‘the substantive, solutions-oriented campaign I set out to run earlier this spring,’ saying it would begin ‘anew’ with an appearance before the Republican Jewish Coalition in Los Angeles on Sunday.'” (It doesn’t take a village to post on Facebook.) So all it will take is returning to his earlier, thoughtful phase. A Springtime for Gingrich. An earlier, simpler time when pointing out the Kenyan features of the President’s outlook captured the imagination of the Party of the White and the Rich.

So rest assured we will continue to have Gingrich to kick around. If not on the campaign trail, certainly collecting millions winning the future.

  1. January 13th, 2012

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