Summer political roundup

For those not paying much attention, here is a roundup of what has been happening politically this summer:

1. Secessionist Governor of former Confederate state travels to South Carolina 100 years after South Carolina seceded in order to announce his candidacy for Presidency of the United States. He did this after holding a rally with fringe religious reactionaries and blowhards that filled less than half the stadium he rented for the occasion.

2. Christian fascist wins 4,823 “votes” in a contest in a small town in Iowa, causing at least one other candidate to drop out of the race for the presidency. The winner points to the vote as proof that she will win the presidency, which last time was won with 66,882,230 votes.

3. A former Speaker of the House of Representatives, hyped by the GOP as its sharpest intellectual but known mostly for having cheated on two wives and regaling the latest one with a substantial credit line at Tiffany & Co.®, was found to have paid a firm to create dummy twitter followers. This discovery came after he said that poll results were unimportant; the critical metric was the number of twitter followers.

4. The President and House Republicans were unable to devise the best way to destroy Social Security and other social safety net programs for the vulnerable, while still maintaining historical low taxes for the wealthy and taxes on capital at one-half the rate to taxes on labor. So they devised a scheme to hand the task over to 12 members of congress, with the caveat that if they fail, a substantial cut would take place to our bloated military budget. The 12 congress persons selected turn out to be ones with substantial contributions from or other connections to military contractors.

5. The front-runner for the GOP presidential nominee told a questioner that “corporations are people too.”

6. After S&P downgraded its opinion on the creditworthiness of US securities, investors immediately disinvested in private securities and placed their money in US securities for safety.

7. The new Secretary of  Defense, the fourth Republican in a row to hold the office during the last four terms of the  never-ending Republican presidency, warned against any cuts in the Defense budget. The Pentagon’s budget is now slightly under one-half of all military spending by all governments on the planet; nearly 10 times that of the next highest spender.

8. Years of Republican court packing have paid off: The Republican Eleventh Circuit has ruled health reform unconstitutional. The Eleventh Circuit was once known for its desegregation and bussing rulings. The right-wing has been working hard for a long time. The should feel proud of themselves for righting this ship. But they won’t stop. The right wing has more money and devotion and energy than we do. So expect worse judges who have less decorum. And rulings that will be abjectly political.

9. Gitmo remains open. No one has yet been prosecuted for torture in the “war on terror.” No one seems disturbed by the Administration’s position that it can assassinate American citizens if it deems them harmful. The current Administration, publicly committed to transparency, has prosecuted 5 whistleblowers so far. In one case, the prosecutor announced it might classify previously unclassified material about the NSA so that it could not be used during trial. It held an uncharged suspect in a military leaks case in solitary confinement, even though the Secretary of Defense testified that the leaks did minimal harm to the U.S.

In short, the march towards an authoritarian plutocracy (once quaintly called fascism) is proceeding unabated.

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