This week: How can this country lead the world in gun violence? It’s worse than Iraq and Afghanistan, which we also contributed to! How can someone buy 4 guns in one day? It doesn’t make any sense. Are we insane?

Next week: Really, they should have been able to see this coming. He showed all sorts of signs of deranged behavior. If they had stopped him then, it wouldn’t have happened now.

The week after: In fact, he could have done it with anything. Fertilizer, for example. Not to mention smallpox or botulism, which would have been much worse. If someone wants to do something like that, no one can stop him.

The week after that: Frankly, if other people had been armed, he would have been stopped. It’s not guns that kill people. Guns, in fact, protect people.

Back to normal: The 2nd Amendment protects everyone’s right to have whatever firepower a citizen feels will keep him safe. It’s only “libs” and “Muslims” who want to take our rights away, so that they can accomplish a takeover of the country.

The new normal: Given everything he’s done to destroy our health csre system, how he’s lied about climate change, and remember his tour apologizing for America? Can there be any doubt that he will take away our weapons if he is re-elected?

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