What are we deciding between?

We have two parties in this country. With respect to the cowboys who ran the world into ruin, the parties line up like this. One likes them. This party holds the White House and Senate (but not filibuster-proof). One like-likes them. That party holds the House, the Supreme Court and most of the Washington Media elites. They even have their own network. The party that likes them okayed the repeal of Glass-Steagall, something the like-like party had a semi about for years. And when we achieved a bipartisan consensus on liking Wall Street, they went beyond what was “technically” legal and screwed us. So we elected in a landslide the guy who just likes Wall Street. He didn’t see anything wrong with what they did. Allowed them, after getting taxpayer money, to pay out huge bonuses, and then in the end decided nobody did anything illegal. The financial collapse was an act of God. Like Mt St Helena and that tsunami. So we are now asked whether we should return the like party or give the like-like party a chance. The problem is, what more can the like-like party do to screw us than the like party did?

We can go to a suburban supermarket and choose among 100 linear feet of different tooth-pastes. But go into a voting booth this November and it’s the difference between See-No-Evil  and There-Is-No-Evil.

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