Linda McMahon joins Joe Lieberman in the slag heap of history

Whatever else happens tonight, there’s one bright light that can’t be put under a bushel: Joe Lieberman will not be Senator next term and neither will Linda McMahon.

A lesson might be drawn from Ms. McMahon’s defeat. Maybe if your lack of qualifications, your general disrepute and your ignorance combine to cause a respected member of your party to say he had never run against anyone he had less respect for, you probably are doing something wrong. But give her credit. Even though there was no earthly reason for her to hope to become a U.S. Senator, Linda McMahon nevertheless spent $78 million on the quest, engaged in cheap (and patronizing) political tricks and genearlly comported herself with the utter lack of shame we expect from the self-aggrandizing Queen of Sleaze. Think how much more she could have spent on her effort to represent a state who didn’t want her, if she had the benefit of Romney’s tax cuts for the wealthy. All those lost jobs from keeping job-creators from having an even larger share of the national wealth than they now have! And many of those jobs were perfect entry-level positions for inner-city youth. Like walking around as a billboard saying that Linda McMahon is running on a ticket with Barack Obama.

As for Joe, an affectionate farewell is in order. Good luck getting your dream job as on air pundit at Fox! I’m sure we’ll be hearing you calling for death to be rained down on Teheran soon, incessantly and unendingly.

Correction [11/9/12]: Linda McMahon spent $97 million in her two quests to become the least qualified U.S. Senator in history. She also reveals that she would have won if the electorate were made up of 12-14 year old girls (although I’m not sure this was actually confirmed by poll data). Read the interview that delves deeply into McMahon’s thinking after he second loss. The RCP election day  prediction had her losing by 5%. In fact, she lost by 12.2%. (In her defense, however, she missed 50% of the vote only by 6.9% and if the election were held last week, she would only have lost by 9%.)

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