The “genius” has lost it

Karl Rove’s prediction as of November 5:

“Without twelve toss up states (MN, NV, CO, IA, WI, MI, OH, PA, NH, VA, NC, AND FL), Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are tied at 191 each.  I predict Mr. Romney will win FL (29), NC (15), VA (13), NH (4), OH (18), IA (6), CO (9) and Mr. Obama will get MN (10), NV (6), WI (10), MI (16), PA (20). This brings Mr. Romney to 285 Electoral College votes and Mr. Obama to 253.  These are just my base predictions and I still think several of these states are too close to call.  For example, while I put them in Mr. Obama’s column, I still believe NV, WI, and PA are in play and very winnable for Mr. Romney.  If crowds at his recent stops in these states are any indication of his supporters’ enthusiasm, Mr. Romney will likely be able to claim victory in these states as well.”

An hour after Fox New called the election for Obama, Rove was still arguing Ohio had not been decided.

You may recall Rove from an earlier incarnation when he was predicting a Republican ascendency so sweeping, that he bet the party’s future on privatizing Social Security.

That he still is able to pontificate is owing solely to the squeamishness of Democrats. Republicans would never have made the mistake of failing to investigate Rove’s tampering with U.S. Attorneys for political reasons. But that’s why Republicans can keep winning while espousing unpopular and unsound policies, and Democrats keep failing at appeasing the GOP. “Bipartisanship” is the rock that keeps rolling back over the Party of Sisyphus.

Rove’s completely false (and unsupported) predictions will never disqualify him as an “expert” or “pundit,” however. In fact, that reality diverged so far from Rove’s prediction is, in the GOP worldview, a reason to question reality. And we will see them offer up all sorts of reasons why the election was tainted and the President “illegitimate.” Democrats will respond by looking down while slowly shuffling their feet.

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