This is a critical time

… for the President.

He can do some unequivocal good by turning the the country around from its present course of unlimited firepower for everyone.

Or he can again show how bipartisan he is by compromising with the likes of Congressman Louis “Louie” Gohmert:

Louis Gohert, Republican Representative of Texas. Right-winger to his core.

Louie Gohmert, Republican Representative of Texas. Right-winger to his core.

This Texas lawmaker (and former state appellate judge, appointed by Rick Perry) took time off from teaching Sunday School yesterday to proclaim on our right-wing television network: “I wish to God she [the murdered principal of Sandy Hook Elementary School] had an M-4 in her office locked up — so when she heard gunfire, she pulls it out and she didn’t have to lunge heroically with nothing in her hands.”

Republicans have very little use for public education. In Texas especially Republicans use their clout to make sure education is kept to a minimum so as not to overburden the taxpayers or the fundamentalists. This right-wing spokesman, however, thinks educators are best used when they are wielding military fire-power. Because, of courrse, common sense demands gun control. And Gohmert and his sponsor the NRA have no interest in common sense.

Sound crazy?

Congressman Gohmert marches to the beat of different drummers. All of them corporate or ultra right-wing sponsors. He:

  • Does not believe in “man-made” warming. He “thinks” the science is fraudulent
  • Believes that Hillary Clinton’s personal aide (and wife to a former Congressman) was a plant by the Muslim Brotherhood
  • Does not want women to have the right to choose
  • Voted against raising the debt ceiling (i.e., for default and a downgrade of U.S. credit rating)
  • Believes the Alaska pipeline encourages caribou mating
  • Believes that separation of church and state led to the Aurora killings

For the past two decades the Democratic Party has “compromised” with people like Gohmert. It has resulted in: Elimination of federal welfare; trade agreements that have wrecked our middle class; compromised union rights; the Iraq search for non-existent WMDs; a military that now commits human rights violators; phone companies Which turn over privateinformation to the government illegally; steep reductions in the amount of taxes paid by the very wealth; ever widening income gaps; cashpstrapped governments that can’t meet basic societal needs; gutted regulations of financial markets, and  more outrages.

Compromising with the likes of Louis Gohmert is like trying to reason with a hungry grizzly bear: You won’t get the better of the bargain, the compromise is not going to be principled, and he is not going to like you any better for having given in to him.

So here is another issue, Mr. President, that America is behind you on. How many more times will you disappoint us?

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