Jeff Flake: Coward and Hypocrite

Republican Senator Jeff Flake will never have an entry in any future edition of Profiles in Courage. The premise of JFK’s book is that the included Senator was both courageous and right. Flake always fails both tests.


This past week, however, he demonstrated how craven he truly is. Yes, we all expected him to cower before the NRA, one of his puppet-masters. But he didn’t have the courage to tell the mother of a victim of the Aurora shooting that he was going to march lock-step with the other cowards who fear the lash of the NRA. So he was between a rock and a hard place. Afraid to tell the truth and afraid to act in accordance with what he said. It is a common problem for cowards. But one easily solved by hypocrites. And Flake is both.

Here is what he wrote to Caren Teves, mother of Alex, one of numerous victims who have lost their lives to support the Second Amendment rights of lunatics and murderers and to ensure that cowards like Jeff Flake can stay in office:

Heartfelt handwritten letter by coward and hypocrite Jeff Flake.

Heartfelt handwritten letter by coward and hypocrite Jeff Flake.

And then, just days after he so touchingly wrote that “strengthening background checks is something we agree on” he voted with the rest of the paid for marionettes of the NRA to prevent debate on a background check bill.

According to the New York Daily News:

“The whole thing was just shameful,” she said before heading to a protest at Flake’s Phoenix office Friday. “What he did was to go against his own words and vote no against comprehensive background checks … I believe he’s a coward. I believe he’s not listening to the people he represents.”

While he will be absent from any new Profiles in Courage, he will certainly be featured in any catalogue for craven politicians for sale. Price: Bucket of warm spittle.

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