The Writing Cure

I came across the following piece inserted in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, September 6, 1933, p. 9:

Whom Shall I Marry?
What Is My Vocation?

 The Eagle has made an arrangement by which Dr. Byron Norton, noted psychoanalyst, will help Eagle readers solve personal life problems. Fill out the questionnaire below, mail it with a self-addressed envelope and 10 cents to Dr. Byron Norton, Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Brooklyn, and you will receive a letter of advice. 

  1. Where do you prefer to live? City________Town________Country?________
  2. Do you enjoy crowds________solitude________?
  3. Do you like to make things with your hands?________
  4. Do you like to do jig-saw puzzles?________
  5. Which do you prefer? The legitimate stage________the screen play________.
  6. Which would you enjoy most? Swimming________horseback riding________golf________walking________
  7. Do you enjoy music?________Art?________
  8. Which kind of reading to you like best? Mystery stories________light romance________poetry________

Name________ Address________

Aside from the correct use of “whom” the whole thing could have appeared in Yahoo! or any other of our “news and culture” aggregators. The Eagle, however, had a better means of monetizing such things.

Dr. Norton’s notoriety evidently long since proved to be the vapor that Horace Greeley said fame is. But by a coincidence that Andre Malraux would deem significant, there is a Dr. Byron Norton, practicing as a play therapist in Greeley, Colorado.


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