Then screw it, default!

Who would be hurt by the impending defaults (they will be plural) that Republicans, including the once nearly rational but always fermented John Boehner, more and more ominously threaten if they don’t get what they want? (Whatever that is.)

The short answer is that everyone. Immediately and perhaps more so over the long-term as the dollar (our greatest weapon in the global capital war) is no longer trusted and the petro-monarchies, China and others move to a better currency.

But who in particular?

Well, it seems clear that capitalists, this who make money from having money (or access to it). The rentier class. Those who caused the last crisis , were unrepentant and even financed the right-wing populist furor against the status quo (including the results from Citizens United, the Tea Party movement, the politicians who went off the reservation (because they were unsupervised by adult plutocrats) by attacking women, immigrants, the poor, children, people who depended on public education, those who want to enjoy Social Security, the working class, unions, and just about anything that is not unholy).s

Ironically, the people who will be in the front line will be the ones who supported, financed and looked away at the excesses of the very people who are going to screw them. Did Lenin really say that when the revolution comes the capitalists will sell the hangman’s nooses? If not, he should have.

The rest of us will suffer in a secondary way. But they have been making us all suffer for the last quarter of a century anyway. And if the default is averted, whether the government accedes to the demands of the reactionaries (whatever they may be)  or not, they will continue to screw us. Even worse.

Because if the price now is, whatever, making working class people go without health care, privatizing social security, getting rid of public education. reducing taxes for the wealthy, setting up a Christian sharia state, whatever, you can bet the next time it will be worse. How? you ask. Do not underestimate the imagination of the right-wing. Ever since Reagan they have spent sleepless nights worrying about how to exact revenge on the workers of this country for all the heartburn that their passivity has caused the plutocrats, theocrats, and other authoritarians.

So I say, Default and have done.

In the wreckage we might actually be able to build a more just state. God knows, it is not going to happen under the current political system.

And if the result is turning the United States into the world of Mad Max, I would be willing to bet that Louie Gohmert, Michele Bachman, and Steve King will not have the happy ending that their Ayn Rand fantasies hold for them.

    • Jeff Nguyen
    • October 6th, 2013

    Excellent analysis and insights. I agree with your premise that the system is beyond reform or repair and needs to be replaced but, knowing that nature abhors a vacuum, what viable alternatives are ready to step up that will not further we the peons along the road to neofedualism? Mainstream America does not strike me as being anywhere close to hitting the streets en masse much less being ready to replace the corporate-capitalist structure that has been so carefully constructed. My fear is that if the house of cards collapses the real shot callers will step out of the shadows who will make Reagan, Clinton, Bush and Obama look like choirboys. These are just my observations.

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