Hillary can’t wait to unravel

Those of us who supported Barack Obama in 2008 because he appeared not to be the hawk that Hillary Clinton has always been and because he seemed not to have the political tin ear of the entitled insider that was Clinton’s aura (and eventual downfall), will not be surprised at the news today that she could not stand up to the incredibly soft-ball questions of NPR host Terry Gross. Hillary Clinton is making the rounds shilling for her required Presidential Book (all candidates must churn out something to show their gravitas; both Clintons have been through this drill before) and ended up on Fresh Air today. (You can listen to the podcast here.) She apparently was anticipating the kind of adulations that she has come to expect from her handlers and contributors. Unfortunately for the President-in-waiting Gross was somewhat interested in Clinton’s intellectual development, so pursued her on her acceptance of gay marriage, beyond the point that her rehearsed lines allowed her to go. And so she became testy. To an NPR host! That testiness has received much play today.

But a more important part of the interview took place earlier, when she was discussing the national security state and its evident tendency to turn into a police state. She was asked about Edward Snowden, and her response had to send chills down the spine of anyone who actually cares about civil liberties, because Clinton just doesn’t. She has rehearsed all the lines, but there is no conviction. She triangulates like her DLC husband. The spin that the Democratic Party would like to apply to the scandal of this Administration’s utter disregard of the massive spying done on its watch and its blood-thirsty persecution of whistle-blowers is that Snowden could have initiated a “conversation” in any number of ways, other than actually courageously exposing the fraud that the Democratic Party has become on this issue. Clinton is so prepared for her run that she could continue to claim that the “conversation” was turning in that direction before Snowden. Karl Rove has it wrong. She didn’t suffer brain damage from the concussion. She underwent elective, cosmetic brain surgery.

For those of us who are looking for a future of hope, social justice and a retrenchment of the militarism of this country, here’s a fact: We are in for a long wait. Hillary Clinton is no more a liberal (probably less so) than Barack Obama turned out to be. She has learned from her days as First Lady that she must only spout well-rehearsed lines, previously vetted. Her vetting still seems to be in the hands of those right-tilting adventurists that have long dominated the foreign policy establishment of the Democratic Party. Her domestic policy instincts seem to be even more pedestrian than before. But all of this has become much more toxic, now that she has assumed the title and expectation of heir apparent.

Here we are, friends. One party has given itself over to the inevitability of Hillary Clinton, and the other is destined to be vastly worse in almost every conceivable way. If anyone sees a promising future inside our established political system, I would happily hear from you.

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