Clinton’s unbreakable bonds of faith

The Nation today posted a video and transcript of a portion of an interview Hillary Clinton gave at the Toronto Board of Trade. In it she gave a rambling and confused answer of why she did not renounce her vote to authorize the invasion of Iraq during the George W. Bush administration. The crux of her explanation was that she “couldn’t break faith with” what she called “the young men and women over there.”

I suspect when she’s asked why she hasn’t renounced the financial deregulation which took place during her husband’s administration, particularly giving the green light for repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act, she will offer the equally convincing response that she “couldn’t break faith with the old men on Wall Street.”

    • Jeff Nguyen
    • June 16th, 2014

    H. Clinton’s recent NPR interviews weren’t much better. She called the torture and humiliation of prisoners at Abu Ghraib “unfortunate violations” among other things.

    These are the interviews I’m referring to:

    However, my all time favorite Clinton moment is when she gloated over the brutal killing of Gaddafi in Libya:

    Sad to say, she’ll make a great POTUS.

    • The Fresh Air interview was notable to me for her statement that the debate had already begun on the scope of NRA spying before the revelations of Edward Snowden and that Snowden had other avenues to make his case.

      It was her practiced glibness that did her in the primary campaign against Obama. She seems this time to have cleared out the field among Democrats. Chances are she will matched up against a general election opponent who is both out-of-touch on the issues but also prone to making idiotic remarks (he will be a Republican after all).

      Once in office she will continue the trend begun by her husband of taking the Democratic Party to the right. Her closest advisers will be the same elite that haunt the hotels during Clinton Global Initiative or the hacks that mismanaged her last campaign. The principal difference between then and now is that the right wing outlets and Republican politicians will make gender rather than racial slurs.

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