Mr. Keuner on whether a God exists

This is one of the “Tales of Mr. Keuner” («Geschichten vom Herrn Keuner») from the 1953 edition of Bertolt Brecht’s Calendar Stories («Kalendar Geschichten»). The text follows my translation:

Someone asked Mr K. whether there is a God. Mr. K. said: “I recommend that you consider whether your conduct would change depending on the answer to that question. If it wouldn’t, then we can drop the whole matter. If it would change, then I can help you at least this much. I say that you have already decided: You need a God.

Original text (from edition published by Rowohlt Taschenbuch Verlag GmbH, Hamburg, 1953):

Die Frage, ob es einen Gott gibt

Einer fragte Herrn K., ob es einen Gott gäbe. Herr K. sagte: «Ich rate dir, nachzudenken, ob dein Verhalten je nach der Antwort auf diese Frage sich ändern würde. Würde es sich nicht ändern, dann können wir die Frage fallenlassen. Würde es sich ändern, dann kann ich dir wenigstens noch so weit behilflich sein, daß ich dir sage, du hast dich schon entschieden: Du brauchst einen Gott.»

  1. I’m not much of a hand at German, but I enjoy reading this over with your translation beside it. I like bilingual. I learned to read Spanish by reading the bilingual columns of the People’s Daily World years ago. Always like to read Brecht, what I know of him, but I probably don’t know much.

  2. My friend, I was very glad to see you back when I first saw this post!
    I’ve been much occupied in finishing up a book of mine called Me and the Grandmas of Baghdad and a garden of hope and repose. (I’m also an inept gardener.) This is an Indie book and nothing important, but somehow I am fond of it. Haven’t been on wordpress in some time but working today on a post about this Grandmas.

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