Massive Corruption of Justice Aimed at African-Americans in Alabama

If Oliver Stone or Spike Lee made a movie with this premise, it would be dismissed as wild left-wing slander. Fox News would be awash in denunciations, the Republican presidential field would ride the outrage to new heights of coded (and non-coded) racism.

But here you have it.

Leaked documents from an official (and unpublished) investigation obtained by the Alabama Justice Project show that a cabal of police officers in Dothan, Alabama, working as a narcotics team, were members of a neo-confederate organization that promoted extreme racist views and advocated for the resettlement of African-Americans in Africa. (For good measure it was also classically antisemitic.) Those officers systematically planted evidence on black males beginning around 1996 and, according to one insider, probably resulted in over 1,000 wrongful convictions. Moreover, the Dothan District Attorney covered up the investigation by the Internal Affairs Division in order to prevent the officers from being criminally prosecuted. You can read the stunning account in a post by Jon B. Carroll of the Henry County Report. The report contains photos of the some of the officers (displaying the “heritage not hate” flag) and screen shots of the documents.

This systematic corruptions of justice, racially motivated, is extraordinary, even in a state well know historically for its bigotry, insular politics and corruption of justice.


  1. This is just the tip of the iceberg now above water.

  1. December 2nd, 2015

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