What better time than now?

Yes, here it is just days after another horrific mass shooting (actually two mass shootings, the one in Savannah, Georgia, which preceded the one in San Bernardino, California, got squeezed out of the news cycle, resulting as it did in only one death and three other gunshot victims). Exactly what we need at this moment: GunTV.

It is amazing in retrospect that no one has proposed this before. A twenty-four hour cable channel that sells guns. And of course accessories. What could be more American?

According to The Guardian, the channel will begin airing only from 1 a.m. to 7 a.m. But what better hours to snag the gun impulse buyer! After all, that is the time during which most serious alcohol consumption takes place, and also the time that most people review the wrongs done them and who should pay for them.

Eventually, however, the channel expects to transmit 24-hours per day. And why not? Although every man, woman and child in America already has some sort of firearm, there is an unending demand for more. And even if like Jeffrey Alan Lash, as the Los Angeles police this summer discovered, you already have a cache of 1,200 guns, you can always need something to go with them. Maybe a new scope? A silencer? A tripod? I bet if Mr. Lash had some way of sending people he’d like to meet, just as an ice-breaker, say a hidden-carry holster for example, he probably wouldn’t have died such a “loner.”

The only unfortunate part of the announcement is that the promoters could not start the service in time for this year’s holiday shopping season. Evidently there were regulatory hoops that could not be jumped through in time. More signs of how excessive the regulatory burden is in this country. If Republicans are not elected next year, the economy is likely to be strangled.

We Americans hate seeing something strangled. We much prefer to see things bullet-ridden.


  1. This humor is so sick it’s almost funny, if I might put it that way. Like it!

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