Fiorina’s victory party

View the site of Fiorina’s (at one time theoretically possible) victory party in Iowa:

Fiorina Party

View from site of Fiorina party in Iowa. She was a no show, but Bernie Sanders was being broadcasting next to the “Take Our Country Back” sign. Photo from Roger Riley, WHOhd.

It was perhaps intentional that she left Bernie Sanders playing in the empty room, given that her role is to hound Hillary like a modern day Fury (chthonic symbols of irrational badgering being the preferred role for women in the Republican Party, see, e.g., Palin, Bachman, O’Donnell; Mike Huckabee said that it was his wife’s role as well—the entire party is out of a 50’s sitcom). This may have been her second choice owing to an inability, on short notice, to come up with the video of the living fetus, heart beating, lying on a Planned Parenthood table in front of a stranger with a videocamera that she so colorfully described during the September 2015 GOP debate).

The striking thing about the photo of the election celebration is that it looks uncannily like the farewell party Hewlett-Packard threw for her.


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