Quotes from tonight’s Washington Press Club Foundation dinner

While the rest of the country was subjected to CNN’s inept moderation of the witless insult-fest posing as a GOP Presidential “debate” tonight, much more witty insults directed at these same people were being hurled by members of Congress at the Washington Press Club Foundation‘s annual dinner tonight. These quotes are all from the twitter feed of Frank Thorp V, Washington producer for NBC News:

Pelosi at the #WPCFdinner compares @tedcruz to Keystone XL: “Unlike Ted Cruz, the Keystone pipeline has the support of his colleagues.”

Sen Boxer at the #WPCFDinner: “Trump has been married so many times he calls his current wife the incumbent.”

Sen Graham (R-SC) at the #WPCFDinner: “My party has gone batshit crazy…”

Sen Graham at the #WPCFDinner: “If you kill Ted Cruz on the floor of the Senate, and the trial is at the Senate, no one will convict you.”

It’s a good thing Wolf Blitzer wasn’t there, or he would have prevented these people from mixing it up too.


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