Now that Harriet Tubman is on the $20 …

… how long before the GOP starts passing religious freedom bills exempting restaurants, bakeries, photographers and others from accepting $20 bills if they have a sincere religious belief against blacks, women or abolitionists?

  1. Not long, I suspect. Right now in Texas, the secessionist movement is resurfacing within the GOP presidential nomination process.

  2. Too funny, D. K.! What a thought! I have a friend who wants to get your posts — Chuck Abbott, who I expect will sign on quite soon.

    • Well, the net knows my name many times over, and I’m still a free person . . . today, at least . . . and insofar as a person can BE free in the racist oligarchy we live under.

  3. Shit. I certainly hope it’s something that never gains speed. Though I also certainly hoped that a certain GOP man’s campaign would falter before gaining any speed, and now, it really looks like it may happen that we have a bonafide amateur/racist/sexist (Bush, at least, had some experience) in power.
    That pessimistic thinking aside, I think it’s good that they’re honoring her memory and service.

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