Now that Harriet Tubman is on the $20 …

… how long before the GOP starts passing religious freedom bills exempting restaurants, bakeries, photographers and others from accepting $20 bills if they have a sincere religious belief against blacks, women or abolitionists?

  1. Not long, I suspect. Right now in Texas, the secessionist movement is resurfacing within the GOP presidential nomination process.

    • Since they have their own texts books, Texan Republicans probably are unaware of what happened the last time that was tried. But maybe this time will be different, who knows? After all they got all that experience facing down the U.S. armed services during that failed coup attempt, Jade Helm.

  2. Too funny, D. K.! What a thought! I have a friend who wants to get your posts — Chuck Abbott, who I expect will sign on quite soon.

    • Martha, this is the internet. Only the government is supposed to know people’s real names. So I’ll pretend I never heard the name “Charles Abbott.” (Or is that a pseudonym? Don’t tell me.)

    • Well, the net knows my name many times over, and I’m still a free person . . . today, at least . . . and insofar as a person can BE free in the racist oligarchy we live under.

      • You may think you are free. But try to do anything your average Millennial takes for granted, like: become a video gamer, start a sub-Reddit or anonymously hack a Wikipedia article. Then you will see the consequences of defying the norms established by the robotic generation.

  3. Shit. I certainly hope it’s something that never gains speed. Though I also certainly hoped that a certain GOP man’s campaign would falter before gaining any speed, and now, it really looks like it may happen that we have a bonafide amateur/racist/sexist (Bush, at least, had some experience) in power.
    That pessimistic thinking aside, I think it’s good that they’re honoring her memory and service.

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