For you liberals out there who are still trying to console yourselves that Hillary won’t be too bad, consider the following:

Bill Clinton: Ricky Ray Rector, public humiliation of Lani Guinier, losing Democrat majority in Congress (first time in 40 years) in order to pass balanced budget, Travelgate, the McDougals, troopergate, NAFTA, Rwanda, Omnibus Crime Bill, Dick Morris, FBI Filegate, DOMA, Dick Morris, welfare “reform,” repeal of Glass-Steagall.

Clinton’s was arguably a more scandal-ridden White House than Reagan’s.

Old Hillary: The Rose law firm, Tyson Chicken, commodities account, “managing” health care reform.

New Hillary: Iraq, Libya, Syria.

With her Wall Street connections, unwillingness to regulate the financial industry and disinclination to consider major government initiatives, she may end up being the least populist Democratic president since Woodrow Wilson.

You don’t have to believe me on any of the above. Charles Koch told Jonathan Karl today that Bill Clinton was a “better” president than George W. Bush and that Hillary might be “better” than either of the possible Republicans. (Just so we’re clear, Charles Koch doesn’t use “better” in the same sense we do).

Yes, yes, I know, the Supreme Court. We are supposed to suffer all sorts of indignities to save the Supreme Court from the crazies. But even with Bill Clinton and Barack Obama we had a Court chock full of loonies, and it’s still half filled with them after the death of Scalia. And I bet Charles Koch took the Supreme Court into account in deciding that he was not gong to spend a penny to support the Republicans this year.

If none of that worries you, consider this: In 2020 after four years of a right leaning administration, crippled by a GOP Congress that has further stratified income and possibly plunged us into a recession, the scandal-ridden Hillary, commander-in-chief of an unpopular neocon conceived war, will probably be facing Ted Cruz, with Cruz the odds-on favorite.

Happy dreams.

  1. A very depressing situation, indeed.

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