Luck be a Wingnut Lady

Fans of up-and-coming loud, unhinged, rightwing know-nothings will know Michele Fiore. She is something of a favorite here. We highlighted her Christmas Facebook greeting which featured her entire extended family from the cradle to the grave all packing. Her congressional campaign “sponsored” the Nevada Republican presidential caucus this year, in an innovative use of privatization to attempt undue influence. And who could forget her lyrical, if untethered to reality, musings all night as one of the voices we heard that memorable last night stand of the four “freedom fighters” who tried, but failed, to prevent a federal occupation of the Malheur bird sanctuary? Surely this resume entitled her to hope to move on from her current position in the Nevada state legislature where she is reviled so much she was stripped of her chairmanship of the tax committee, largely because her failure to pay $1 million in federal taxes. (She was quite right to explain that the Republican state legislature was engaging in a “war” against true conservatives. After all, isn’t it a Republican mantra that paying federal taxes only feeds the beast? Wasn’t it her patriot, nay conservative, duty to pay as little as she could get away with?)

Well, as luck would have it her federal congressman was leaving his seat to run for Senate. So she rolled the dice in the Republican primary for the Third Congressional District of Nevada, the area just south of Las Vegas. But in yesterday’s voting she came up snake eyes. Danny Takenian, son of famed UNLV coach Jerry Tarkanian (“Tark the Shark”), won the nomination with 31.97% of the vote, and Fiore came in third with 18.21%. This probably does not mean Michele lacks a secure future, following the footsteps Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Sharron Angle and the many other members of the deep bench of reactionary entertainers. After all, if the voters get sick of her permanently, she will always have Fox News or one of the Right Wing not-for-profit “education” organizations. What happened yesterday may simply mean that in Republican politics in this small desert area near Las Vegas a shark will trump a loon.

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