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Chartres Cathedral

3 of 5 stars
It’s A huge Building, special in Glasses Art ,amazing location, many Restaurants around and a view for city.

British Library

1 of 5 stars
Building itself is lovely but library disappointing. No access to see books without a card. Punk rock exhibition very disappointing. 99 per cent of people using laptops , only 1 using a book. Surely that’s the whole point of going to a library.

Grand Canyon

1 of 5 stars
I haven’t even gotten to the Grand Canyon yet from central California. BUT I can guarantee we will never be back. And, Arizona highway department is to blame! Hwy 40 is the recommended highway if you want to go to the south rim, and are coming from the west/southwest areas of California. In the 500,000+ miles of travel have I experienced on the road, I have never seen a highway in as poor of shape as this. There were so many detours because of roadwork, making the trip at least 2-2.5 hours longer than it should have been.

The Parthenon

3 of 5 stars
The buildings and ruins are great and really give you a glimpse into the past civilization. The signs (at least the English ones) seem to be written by a high school history student who tried to cream as much esoteric info as possible with each phrase. As someone unfamiliar with Greek culture, I was able to understand exactly 0℅ of what the buildings were for, who built them, and why.


1 of 5 stars
No organisation at all. I went to Aushwitz Birkenau museum and I was told to go to Aushwitz 1 which is about 3 km away to buy a tour tickets. I had to pay 7zl for parking. For no reason. When we went to Aushwitz 1 we were asked for the tickets (where there was no sing at all saying that I need to have tickets ready in English or either Polish) I was told to go back to where I came from (3km away) or wait for 4 hours to enter. Very disappointed wont reccomend…

The Taj Mahal

2 of 5 stars
Amazing monument but very poor customer experience.No digital books/Audio/Video shops to know the history of the monument.Nothing invested on amenities for seating and food. The government is ought to invest more when it comes to overall tourist satisfaction.

Prado Museum

3 of 5 stars
Great museum, terrible attitudes. Nobody speaks English, you need to pay for everything separately and the staff start ushering you out well before the closing time. Great art though!

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum

3 of 5 stars
Didn’t really do it for me. I’m not a big war buff, and the crying visitors and the gruesome displays kinda made me feel uneasy (moreso than historical museums should do)

Nairobi National Museum

1 of 5 stars
It sucks

The Great Wall of China

3 of 5 stars
Crowded and incredibly dirty handrails.
Loud voices seem to be shouting directly in your ears

Hermitage Museum

3 of 5 stars
Not the best of famous museums, organized very poor…

Machu Picchu

jacopo ricca
1 of 5 stars
Nothing to complain about the place that is amazing, but the staff is terrible and rude they don’t speak English at all!how is possible in a park where they get people from all over the planet?

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