To catch a thief …

The Trump posse doesn’t have much to recommend itself, but it sure is loaded with irony.

Trump, who cannot otherwise explain how he could not achieve a plurality of the vote (he missed by about 3 million), has laid it to the feet of those who engaged in voter fraud.

And to prove it he has promoted one Gregg Phillips, who has been diligent in rooting out, as he said, “thousands of duplicate records and registrations of dead people.”

Today the AP reports that Mr. Phillips himself may have a unique insight into these “duplicate records” inasmuch as he himself is registered in 3 different states:

The AP found that Phillips was registered in Alabama and Texas under the name Gregg Allen Phillips, with the identical Social Security number. Mississippi records list him under the name Gregg A. Phillips, and that record includes the final four digits of Phillips’ Social Security number, his correct date of birth and a prior address matching one once attached to Gregg Allen Phillips.

I guess we should pay more attention when Trump starts braying about alleged illegalities. He’s likely to have a close advisor who is an expert.

  1. DK, this makes me smile. Well, OK, in a snarky sort of way. Even Tiffany Trump is said to be registered in 2 states. I read an article the other day that stated that people are often registered in more than one state and it doesn’t really matter as long as the person only votes once in one state. I’m not sure how that’s tracked, but I’m sure someone can do it if it isn’t already being done.

    Back in the day a radio personality always said, on Election Day: “Like they do in Chicago, vote early and often.” I always thought that was a funny line and came to look forward to hearing it every 4 years at least.

    Now? It’s still funny to me because IT ISN’T TRUE! This Phillips guy isn’t an expert who’s recognized by any professional organization, but that hasn’t stopped our new prez in the recent past.

    I’m wondering if this flurry of exec orders is just a distraction from what’s really going on behind the scenes. Another kind of “bread and circuses,” maybe?

  2. President Trumpelthinskin can’t deal with the fact that he lost the popular vote. And yes, I believe a lot is going on behind the scenes that the press isn’t being told about, and therefore, we aren’t either. We need a mole…

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