R.I.P. Joe Frank

For access to all of Joe Frank’s work, visit the Official Joe Frank site. Many monologues and radio plays are available free, the rest can be purchased. The site also0 has a link to a SoundCloud page where other performances can be heard.


  1. I didn’t have luck playing the video — it says removed by owner, but I still wanted to share in the bereft sentiment.

    • Marilyn,

      You just have to click where it says “watch on YouTube” and you’ll be taken there. It’s worth the trip.

      I will also edit the post to link where the complete works of Joe Frank can be found. Some for free, most for sale.

  2. D.K., I watched the video and two others that followed. Pretty damn funny. I’ll probably go back for more. The things you know! So Joe Frank is gone now?

    • Martha

      Long time no hear

      I will edit the post to link where the complete works of Joe Frank can be found. Some for free, most for sale.

      Many years ago, when we first begin learning about the freakish, egomaniacal vulgarian who would become our president, Frank had a very late night show on WBAI in New York City. He left to become one of the original anchors of weekend All Things Considered (!) in D.C. and then for a San Francisco public radio station.

  3. I listened to Joe Frank on XM at midnight, likely through a feed from WBAI — there’s never been a better way to drift into dreams. Joe influenced radio personalities who recognized his genius, who went on to successful careers by learning from him. Radio Lab devoted 28 minutes to a remembrance:


    I listened to Bob Edwards on XM in the morning until the powers-that-be determined that he should be dismissed as abruptly as he was at NPR.


    Thanks so much for remembering Joe Frank upon his passing, DK. Welcome to Joe Frank’s world, Martha 🙂

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