The Meaning of the Blues

from There Comes a Time
(Bluebird: RCA)

Gil Evans, conductor.
Lew Soloff, Ernie Royal (t, flugelhorn, piccolo t); Peter Gordon, John Clark (Fr. h.); Peter Levin (Fr. h., synth.); Tom Malone (trom., tuba, synth.); Bob Steward (tuba); David Sanborn (as, fl, ss); Georege Adams (ts, fl.); Howard Johnson (b. cl, bari); David Horowitz (organ, synth.); Paul Metzke (synth.); Ryo Kawasaki (guitar); Hannibal Marvin Peterson (koto, perc.); Herb Bushler (b); Anthony Williams (d); Sue Evans (tymp., congas, d, mallets, perc.); Warren Smith (perc., marimaba); Brace Ditmas (snare d, tabla, perc. ); Joe Gallivan (perc;., sunth., stell guitar, bells).

Recorded: Apri 11, 1975 (post production until June 13 1975). RCA Studio NYC.


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